Denise Greenwood Loveless

Denise Greenwood Loveless’ sculptural work combines hand built earthenware with mixed media elements. While she studied design at Louisiana State University, she is a completely self-taught clay & mixed media sculptor. Denise has worked the past 22 years as a freelance Art Director & prop maker in the film & television industry. Her passion for the human form, faces & most of all, human emotion is clearly evident in the pieces she creates in her Sugar Land, TX studio. Denise hails from New Orleans and adopted hometown, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“I have always been in love with self-expression through art. My work is whimsical, but I work at being edgy. I am exploring the line where the dark & light meet, trying to form sentences about human frailty, & imperfection. Not attempting to make any sense out of life, or arguing fro any particular point of view, rather, to probe the acto of seeing, & of being – to look inside, past the physical, to see what there is to see, & to feed the curiosity of viewers of my work, but mostly my own. Getting a feel for life, & dancing just beyond the demarcation of what is often the dark side of who we are.”